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Our Mission Statement: Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan is dedicated to the achievement of Self mastery through the science of Naad Yoga. The Academy offers classes and workshops in the music, singing, pronunciation, rhythm and Raga of Gurbani Kirtan. Each hymn (Shabd) is a template for developing human awareness and a conduit to a beautiful inner directed life. The steady practice of singing Gurbani Kirtan can heal and awaken the highest source of truth and love within every human being. 

We offer classes in history, vocal patterns, pronunciation, rhythm and Raga of the Naad of Gurbani Kirtan.

 Learn more about the Naad Academy mission and vision. 

'Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan' Opens

Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan

Opening October

SatkirinKrKhalsaLike many, you may have thought that the Aquarian Age would be all about love and peace and are possibly wondering what has gone wrong? Worry not. Challenges and strong winds blowing have been the consistent constants of the human experience.

Yes, we have indeed entered this long awaited Aquarian Age but are also moving through the KAL YUG ; known as the darkest of all ages ! It is described as the time when the table of TRUTH has lost 3 of its legs and is only standing on one leg. However, there is also true beauty of this. The pressure of this age is the motivator for the self to find an internal peace. This is a funny kind of gift, like a New York Metro Card which enables you to take all the trains and buses so you can go anywhere in the city.

The Aquarian Age is not meant to be pervasive bliss; yet it requires us to create pockets of bliss through meditating, chanting, singing and sharing "up" vibes. Imagine being in a space where kirtan plays continuously and everyone is singing together. This space becomes a Golden Age within the Kal Jug. We are called to create our own Golden Age when we sing together in concert with the exalted words of Kirtan.

The Metro card of the soul is "GURBANI KIRTAN"! How so? Because the language of Gurbani Kirtan is Naad, the sound pattern that creates corresponding sound patterns in the hypothalamus of the brain to give us an experience of Self beyond the ego, called soul. You could say NAAD is for your soul what WIFI is for your computer.

The Kal Yug is a paradoxal gift that pressurizes us to take actions that maintain a mind that can sustain itself above the environmental "madness". The Aquarian Age is the pebble within the "lake" of the Kal Yug rippling out in concentric circles of the Shabd affecting the water of human essence vibrating to all, moments of peace and Love.

I invite you to join me at NAAD ACADEMY this October when we start a new tele-class series,or in Conneticut & New York City at HariNYC for in-person classes.

You can find more about what Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan in this short video (see below) and why I feel inspired to encourage you in developing or cultivating a deeper knowing of Naad and practice of Gurbani Kirtan. Whether you are embarking on this journey to deepen your path or are currently a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Naad Academy classes are essential to your understanding of this unique and distinct technology of our lineage.

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Introduction to Naad Academy Interview Video on Naad Academy
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