The Liberated Woman- The song of the soul – part 1
30th April,14th, 21 May
12 – 3pm New York time:   tuition:  $65 

An international webinar for you to attend on computer or on your phone. To support a woman’s fulfillment as a Divine container of Creativity, love and transformation. For woman and men also invited All webinars are live with questions and answer time, take home meditations,journaling, all all participants get recording.

There are special meditative soul songs The Liberated Woman​​ can utilize to embellish and actually empower her success as mother, wife, woman of spirit. These technologies can be utilized by men as well as the spirit aspect of the soul does not have a gender. We will study and practice a number of mantra/shabads to aid us. The amazing mantra’s and Shabad’s that we will focus upon are:
Bhand Jamee-ai/ Poota Mata Kee Asees/ Adi Shakti/ Nobility

-for bringing about greater self confidence
-for improving communication with partner
-bring joy into your life
-removing phobia’s and past trauma’s in relationships
-balancing family and personal life
-bring love into your life
The amazing mantra’s and Shabad’s that we will focus upon are: Bhand Jamee-ai, Poota Mata Kee Asees, Adi Shakti, Nobility

Origins of Gurbani Kirtan 
Musical language of the soul

This webinar is a 6 week study course: Cost – $165
Dates: May 4, 11, 18   June  1, 8, 12

Time: 7:30 am New York / 7:30 pm Taiwan/ 8:30 pm Tokyo

 An in depth study for all, especially Kundalini Yoga teachers studying the evolution of Naad sound technology that started with the Jap Ji of Guru Nanak. Beginning with Patanjalis, and the bhakti movement in India to the 10 human Sikh Guru’s and the 11th Guru, called Shabad Guru to Yogi Bhajan. Each of the 6 webinars will include the study of one Shabd/mantra…the meter, rhythm and mechanics, and the the story behind it’s creation.

Isabelle- USA​​ ​”Thank you for your workshop, it was beautiful. You are such an uplifting teacher!”
Lu Wei​ ​- China “I ​cannot find the word to express your so beautiful class, full of energy and wisdom, and love.”
Benjamin – ​Germany, ​ “I just want to say thank you for your power, knowledge and your guidance on your workshop in
Frankfurt. Your words were such a inspiration for my yoga practice.”